Saturday, May 22, 2010

Karen Witemeyer's Book Signing

I recently blogged about the fantasy and fear of book signings so I figured I'd keep the dream alive with a success story.

Months ago I met Karen Witemeyer at a local writer's guild meeting. She had just returned from a trip where she toured Bethany House to see the many steps a book took before hitting the store shelves. She was absolutely excited to say the least and I enjoyed hearing all she wanted to share.

After our first meeting we began talking and it was then (months ago) that I marked on my calendar- May 22, 2010: Karen Witemeyer's book signing. Today is that day. It also happens to be the first time I have ever in my life attended a book signing.

What did I encounter? I can tell you it wasn't a sad and lonely Karen twiddling her thumbs with piles of unsold books surrounding her. Nope. Karen was happily chatting with readers. Not a line down the block mind you, but a steady stream of people. She sat at a beautifully decorated long table that not only was covered in a lovely table cloth and lace, but also bits and pieces of her character's life- sewing supplies.

At a smaller table were three gift baskets and various other decorations, staying perfectly in stride with the book and time period. On the third table were refreshments. Each of these tables had people around them mingling, a copy of A Tailor Made Bride in hand. I was impressed by her attention to detail and how well it seemed to all come together. Oh, and I did I mention this particular book signing was held at a museum specializing in the frontier days. Perfect.

Here's the question:
Which book signings have you been to? What about the event left an impression on you? If you have yet to attend a book signing, which author's would you love to experience?


  1. How did you know I'd love this post?! ;)
    I just, JUST (as in hours ago) finished this book. I thought it was great!
    You lucky dog, you. I read Karen's post about her getting to go to Bethany as well, although I didn't remember it being her when I read her book. I have a fear of book signings too. Saw a funny you tube video floating around the ACFW loop about an author finally getting a book signing and never signing any books. My fear exactly!
    You just inspired me and motivated me to be positive about book signings. Thanks!
    Great post.
    Oh, to answer your questions. I've never been to a book signing, but would love to go to yours one day. :)

  2. Ok, I feel dumb. You already posted the video I was referring to. Duh. So anyway, you know the one!! You know the fear and dread.

  3. I totally know the fear and dread. I think if an author has a secret fear of abandonment, this would be the time it would flare up! :)