Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I realize that I've been Missing In Action for a little while now. It's not that I've had nothing to blog about pertaining to writing, because boy do I. No, nothing wonderful like a contract with an editor that I'm not allowed to share with others until the ink dries. :(

I am sitting at my table. Yes, MY table. I haven't sat at this table in eight months. That's how long my things have been in storage. It's enough to jump up and down about, don't you agree?! There's been many more changes too, but none of them have to do with writing. Wait. One. Well, if you don't count the lovely form rejection letters flowing in for Dark Waters.

My dream agent for New Hope got back to me about the manuscript she's been reading of mine. It was a very sweet, and personal letter and I don't really want to share it or my reaction to it until I have time to slow down and explain things. And maybe add a couple smart, funny one-liners. ;) After moving boxes and furniture for the last few days, nothing smart, or funny's coming out of this exhausted girly.

So, I miss you and reading your thoughts, but I promise to be back soon. After the dust from the tops of my long-time stored boxes clears, I'll breathe a breath of fresh leather couch air and get to reading and typing again.

What have you been up to in the last few weeks?

I was also in a wedding while I was MIA. Here's me celebrating at the reception.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Asipring Authors Want To Know!

I am preparing an interview with a friend of mine who was a debut author last year and already has three published books on bookstore shelves. She recently signed a book deal for another three books, and is obviously on a roll!

So, I say... let's pick her brain!

I know I have plenty of questions for her on the process of editing the manuscript, queries, getting an agent and becoming published, but I'd love to hear your questions as well. Leave them in the comments and I'll work them into the interview I'm preparing for her. She's very personable and open and loves to encourage aspiring authors so ask away!