Monday, February 25, 2013


There's this thing I do. 

No. Not that. 


The OTHER thing. 

I do it when I'm having a tough writerly day. Or maybe even a good one. I do it for inspiration to keep pressing on. Or the guts to dare to dream. 

You can do it too. 

Think of one of your favorite authors. They have to be living and breathing and fairly current. Okay, got one in mind? Next go to their webpage. Find their blog. Scroll down to see when they started their blog. Click on it. The very first month of the first year. And read. Was it before their first book came out? Was it before they even had an agent or a first book? 

Yeah, those are the best. 

Read their hopes and wishes to one day get an agent. To one day get a book deal. Note the lack of comments they received on their posts. Connect with them in their frustrations over waiting and desperately wanting. 

And then read their good news. The day the planets aligned for them. And how they got there. 

I promise, it'll plaster a hopeful smile on your face. That fire burning inside, pushing you to introduce the world to those characters in your head, will increase till it's a roaring blaze.      

Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Rough Week

Last week was rough. And yes, you can go ahead and assume what type of rough, because it was such a hard week, I'm sure more than one explanation applies.

So I vowed something to myself. I vowed not to check my email all weekend. And since it's become such a regular part of my day--like every five minutes--I even moved the email icon on my phone to the last app page. Did I still pick up the purple iPhone to check? Yes. But by the time I swiped to the last page in a fog of email addiction, I was coherent enough to remember my vow.

I can't say that this impromptu weekend fast from all things email has given me any perspective. But it has temporarily lifted the weight of the "What's in my inbox? Is it a rejection?" burden.

And you know what? Maybe it has given me an ounce of perspective.

In my four years of trying, I have not had as rough a week on my path to publication as I did last week. I think that counts for something. It's another notch in my belt, if you will. An algae covered, slippery stepping stone on a river whose stream I'm traveling against, and I didn't fall. I slid a little. But I quickly gained my footing, stilled myself to correct my balance, and decided more than ever to press onward.

My critique partner/best friend recently reminded me of my favorite saying: The darkest hour is before dawn. And I'm hoping this time, it's true. :)

Does that saying encourage you? Have you been on a writing high lately, or a writing low?  

PS. After you comment, this post is VERY good. I suggest giving it a read, especially if you're in the query trenches or submission hell.