Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Shower


What pictures or thoughts from that one little word, conjure up in your mind? To new mother's maybe solitude and peace? To a child, possibly frustration over an unnecessary and unwanted nightly routine?

To me, when I think of a shower, four different images, four different experiences pop into my mind.

Why four you ask?

Because in the last four months, my family has been moving and transitioning and I have lived in four different homes and therefore showered in four different showers. Granted, they all got the job done -they spouted warm water from above my head in an effort to cleanse me, but each had it's own unique quirks.

The shower I now have, one that I plan on having for a while, is wonderful. The water pressure is strong, and the droplets fall in streams (unlike one shower head that pushed the water out in a painful spray). My current shower has seats in it, seats! And is larger than the cramped quarters of the past.

I know this is a silly topic, but it's rarely discussed and incredibly important. And, I just enjoy my shower now that I had to tell someone. Or lots of people.

So, tell me about your shower. What do you like about it? What do you wish you could change? What have you already changed? Do you prefer glass doors or curtains? These are all important things you know. :) Inquiring minds want to know!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Always Learning

Picture this: in the pile of yesterday's mail was a bubble wrap package from Bethany House Publishing -the largest Christian publishing house in the U.S.

Now, before you begin sending me letters of congratulations, read on.

Yes, there was a book in the package, but not my book.

So, there's this word out there that I learned recently: influencer. Every heard of it? Well, it was a new one to me when Karen Witemeyer asked if I wanted to be one. After she explained it to me and I actually understood the term, I wholeheartedly agreed. If you are like me, and have never heard of an influencer before, it's someone who reviews an author's new titles. The author gives your name and address to the publishing house, and shortly before the book is available to the public, they mail the book to you. You quickly read it, and review it. You can tell folks about it on your blog, on Amazon, Goodreads, etc. Pretty cool, huh?

Yesterday, in the bubble wrap Bethany House Publishing package, I received Karen's new book Head In The Clouds. The cover is beautiful! This will be the first book I'm reading as an influencer -hopefully the first of many.

Seeing as this blog is about everything writing/publishing, I thought I'd share this little tidbit as it became known to me. Oh, and to say that seeing a package from a publishing house escalated my excitement to get my manuscript rewrite done and hopefully published!

Here's The Question:
Have you ever been an influencer? If so, for which book/author?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Three Simple Questions

As you know, I've been expanding my view of character development these last few weeks. I've gone from the mindset of 'how hard can it be?' to 'this is impossible' and finally resting on 'I can do this'. Although, to be perfectly honest, there were a lot more variations of 'this is impossible' before I landed on the decision that I could do it.

I was going to list the methods that I tried and failed at, but I decided that even though they didn't work for me, they may still work for others. In fact, they probably will work for others -I'm just weird is all.

I guess you could say I felt tossed by the waves of character understanding in all the finding-out-what-makes-my-character-tick-stuff.

Then, like a ship caught out at sea, I saw something illuminate the dark waters and land became visible.

I was poking around www.mybooktherapy.com where low and behold, like a beacon of much needed light to a weary sailor in need of a lighthouse, I saw an article on 'The Easy Way To Create Characters'. At first I assumed it was like all the others -difficult to do, without the positive results. But boy was I wrong!

In the beginning of the article she states that this method is painless, and is more like drinking coffee while chatting with friends than actual work. So true.

She asks three questions of your character and voila, you're done. No, really. Remember, I'm the one who has a tough time getting what I know about my characters onto paper in the form of personality sheets? But, I just sat and answered the three easy questions, and in the process, I truly met my three main characters. I asked them what their greatest fear was. What their greatest dream was. And what they valued most. Yeah, that simple.

Of-course if you're going to try this method you should head over to the web-page where she explains how to use this information. And if you do read her instructions and give it a shot, let me know how it worked for you. I'm excited to hear if it helped anyone else the way it's helped me.

I'd better go though, Eva, Harry and Ester are still here and they aren't done chatting. Now, where did I put my coffee?

Oh, here's the web-page:


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What's Your Favorite?

I've heard enough debate on the subject of mythological creatures to last me a lifetime -which ones are considered acceptable and which aren't.

Regardless of the sometimes passionate arguments, I happen to love stories about them and in fact have a favorite creature of my own.

What is your favorite mythological creature and why? Was it your favorite since hearing childhood stories about it or has it become a more recent fascination? Do you wish there were more fictional books about your favorite creature?

I'm really interested in your answers! I'll share my favorite and why in the comments with the other answers. :)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Moving On...

Okay, I've thought about the rejection letter and I am going to update my blog. Should I quote a piece of what Ms. Agent wrote me? Yeah, I should.

"Thanks so much for sending me NEW HOPE. I really enjoyed the story; it's well-plotted and entertaining. Unfortunately, I don't think the book grabs the emotions as much as it should. The characters feel emotionally distant. This is a common flaw with early manuscripts and I'm sure with continued work you'll master the technique. I'd be happy to take another look at your work at some point. I wish you the best as you continue down the road to publication!"

This is an amazing rejection letter. Now I really want this agent. Her sweet respect and encouragement make me just want her to sign me! I've listened to other author's opinions about what she meant, and I think I have an understanding. And guess what? She's SO right. I went back and read my first chapter. It's gripping and pulls you in, but you don't know what Eva is feeling. I show the story and in some ways I explain who she is as a result of her circumstances (being Jewish in Nazi occupied Germany), but I don't explain who SHE is as a person -outside of her circumstances and current life situation. What is her favorite color? Her favorite food? What does she do for fun? To relax? To vent?

As a doula, when I would interview a pregnant mommy so that I could know how to best help her during labor, I asked her pages and pages of personal questions. Where do you hold tension? What do you do to release the tension? Do you have areas on your body that you can't stand being touched? Do you like your head, feet, back rubbed? Which one would you prefer? And on and on. Does it matter that the mom may watch TV when she wants to relax? Not really. Not while she's in labor it doesn't because she wont be watching TV, but it tells me a little about her and how she unwinds so that I know that she prefers to work through her discomfort by being distracted rather than focusing on it. The answers the mommy gives me sheds light onto other areas of her life because as humans, our likes and dislikes are connected to how we perceive things and in turn to our reactions.

Yet, I didn't ask Eva (my main character) what her favorite color was!

Here's what I did to rectify my mistake. I joined A.C.F.W. and found a few character sheets with tons of questions to ask of my character. Right now, I'm working on filling them out and already I am seeing more layers to Eva, which is exciting. I added bits and pieces of her to the first chapter, but I'm sure I'll add more. I can't wait to really make her a person in my story. I had a friend read my manuscript a while ago and she said she loved it because she really felt like she was watching Eva's life unfold through a window. At the time I thought that was huge, but now I see I don't want my readers to watch it through a window. I want them to watch it through HER eyes. Through a deep connection with Eva. I hope I am able to make that happen.

Here's The Question: Have you done a character questionnaire for your main character? How do you add depth to your characters? If you're a reader, what in the story makes you feel connected to the characters?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Moved!

Before I begin, I must warn you -this post has nothing to do with writing. Alright, you've been warned, we can proceed.

I can now add a new state to the list of places I've lived.
Okay. So, here's the list:


My new home state? New Mexico. I've driven through plenty of times, but this time is different. This time I stayed and I'm glad I did. I love living around types of natural beauty that are unique to a certain area or state and meeting people from backgrounds different from my own. I think it helps a person to write better -to tap into a larger array of characters when they have lived and experienced more than what's in their own comfort zone. Wait, look, this IS about writing! Leave it to me!

Seriously though, I feel like a blessed woman. When I moved to Texas it was a huge culture shock, but the two years I spent there taught me a lot. I saw a culture hinged upon family and values. I also saw more flat land and big skies than I thought existed!

Now that I'm in yet a new state, I can't wait to learn and see what all New Mexico has to offer and I can't help but wonder if I'll use the area, it's history, or it's people into one of my books.

Are you wondering about the pictures up top? I couldn't help myself. Yes, I did an unsafe thing -I took pictures while driving. (Guilty sigh) I thought the comparison was hilarious. Oh, and I should mention that that U-Haul you see in both pictures, yeah that was my view the WHOLE trip. My hubby was pulling it.

Here's the question:
Can you guess what I was comparing? Notice any differences between the two state pictures?

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I'm waiting. Waiting for 'the call'.

Ms. Agent told me to give her eight weeks to read my manuscript. The last week of July/ first week of August, is the eight week mark.

I've heard of other new authors who wait anxiously for 'the call'. Don't get me wrong, I dream of her telling me she wants to represent me, but anxiety? No. My friend asked me if I constantly check my email for a response from Ms. Agent, and I told her I don't want an email, I want a phone call. An email would be a rejection letter.

Why am I not freaking out, it being only a couple weeks away from the end of July? I've had two kids. Okay, yes, I see how that may need further explanation. See, many say writing a book is like having a baby. It takes time and effort and tons of emotions. You work hard, pushing ideas and words from your very core until one day, sitting in front of you is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind manuscript.

I understand that if finishing the manuscript is like giving birth than my analogy is working backwards, but stick with me. I see waiting for 'the call' as waiting to go into labor. Now, yes I've only actually gone into labor twice (I have two kids) but as a doula, I've seen and counsoled many women going into labor. The one sentence every new soon-to-be mom has said two weeks prior to her due date is, "I just want to meet my baby." They want the baby out.

They want to see the fruition of all the time they put into being pregnant. All those leg cramps at 2am, and unwanted pounds gained. You know what I tell them? "Enjoy the rest while you have it." Which leads to why I am not fretting, and wearing down a circle in the carpet around my phone. I am enjoying the rest. I know (from hearing others) that the big work starts after 'the call'.

Just like after having a newborn, the demands are placed on the author in the way of edits, and deadlines. And just like being a new mother, I'll gladly accept the demands head on. But, for now, I am two weeks away from my due date and I am resting. While I enjoy the freedom of writing foot loose and pressure free!

Here's the Question:
What are you waiting for right now?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Free Flow vs Outline

How do you write? Is the question a bit too general? I agree.

If you are currently writing, or have ever written a book, what does the process look like for you? More specifically, do you just write or do you use an outline?

On my first manuscript I just wrote as the story unfolded in my head. I had a rough, simple outline, but nothing more than a long paragraph written about the plot. While I was finishing that first manuscript, I ran across a well known author's website where she'd said she always used outlines when writing. So, from what I gathered, she'd create a chapter by chapter outline and then write the book. That sounded very intriguing and I decided to try that in a future manuscript.

I started writing my second manuscript without an outline, and about 10,000 words into it, I am beginning to entertain the whole outline idea again.

So Here's the Question:
Do you, or have you used an outline? And if so, what does it look like? How in depth do you go?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Writing Schedule?

Summer brings new schedules. Most include laying by the pool, sleeping in, and vacations. If you write though, summer brings with it the necessity of figuring out a new 'writing schedule'.

During the school year I write while my kids are in school. Now, I am working on a new time to write. And I don't mean writing with interruptions between each sentence from sweet little ones who want food, permission to watch TV, etc.

No, I am looking for some good, condensed, deep story time. I've told myself I'll wake up early to write in a quiet house with coffee cup in hand. However, since making that decision I've had a sinus infection which demands as much sleep as possible. Good times.

These thoughts got me thinking; how are your writing schedules changing over the summer? Or are you taking the summer off? I'm interested in knowing how others do this. Thanks for your input!

Friday, June 11, 2010

What is Edgy Christian Fiction?

Ask me what an edgy hair cut is, and I'll tell you it's something with lots of color and spikes. A style that would cause most people on the street to do a double take because it is so very unique.

Ask me what an edgy dog is, and I'll explain it's a very nervous canine that either licks compulsively, barks a ton, or jumps on you. Or all three.

Now ask me what an edgy Christian fiction book is and I'll give you a blank stare. Not sure. I have my guesses, but I can't be certain. Is it a book that the author would classify as Christian but with subject matter that pushes the envelope? Because I've read Christian fiction with pretty heavy subject matter and I don't know that Francine Rivers would call her books 'edgy'. She doesn't use strong cuss words, or vulgar explanations when writing about abortion, prostitution, etc. So, is she not 'edgy' because she chooses to respect her readers by not graphically explaining sinful actions in great detail? Or is she considered 'edgy' and I just don't know?

Tell me, what is 'edgy' to you when it concerns Christian fiction? I have my pre-concieved ideas, but nothing in cement. Is it that a book discusses the more difficult subjects that aren't all love and sunshine? Or is it when a book closely resembles secular fiction in the language used, with a Christian over-all theme?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Book Exam

The first book that I want to examine is Leota's Garden by Francine Rivers. Ms. Rivers is a well respected and wonderful writer. She's also incredible popular within the Christian fiction category which makes this the perfect book to examine. Although I will enjoy reading debut author's books this summer, I will not examine them on my blog.

So, lets get started shall we? Again, this is not a review at all. Only an avenue of learning the craft of writing a little better. I don't know about you, but I can ALWAYS learn!

Leota's Garden is 448 pages, or 163,091 words long.

I loved how most of the book is from Grandma Leota's (84 yr old woman) point of view. What an unusual main character! By writing one of her main character's to be at such a mature age, she was able to mix history and contemporary in one book. What could have been a dry back-story is now tales of days gone by, the brighter days of her youth. As the reader I was able to not only learn a little history but see life through an elderly persons point of view which added to the story, made it believable and I felt invested. Isn't that what we want our readers to feel?

The beginning of the book automatically pulls you into the story with a conflict and a necessary decision that one of the main characters is forced to make. However, once that choice is made, the body of the book falls flat with lots of introspective thinking and not any real action. You see the main characters mature and grow as individuals, but there is no action until the very end.
I suppose you can make the arguments between characters as pieces of action, but they result in nothing more than continued anger.

The last few chapters of the book are packed with emotions, decisions and arguments that result in changed hearts and changed lives. The ending was very clean and packaged beautifully. As the reader, I felt like all the loose strings were tied up and the bow was securely in place. Each main character is not only changed, but Francine Rivers shows how they changed by their new decisions and lifestyle rather than just saying they've changed their thinking and leaving it at that.

One of the main points I learned from reading this book is ACTION. It's necessary if you want to keep your reader from putting the book down. And not just action, but action that boasts results of some kind.

Also, too much introspective thinking can muddle up the story rather than make it clearer. On the other hand, some is needed in learning how the character thinks so that when you want to show change, the amount of change is better understood because you know how the character 'used' to think.

Lastly, I learned to take the time to package the ending securely and completely. Tie up any loose strings by showing the change in the characters, not telling about it. To allow some space for this when watching my word count. She didn't save the last two pages to tell how they've changed. She used the last few chapters to explain their metamorphose in character which made me as the reader feel like I got the full story and wasn't 'jipped' at the end.

Here's the Question:
If you've read this book, what have you learned from it?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Go Ahead And Pick It Apart, It's Okay

I started this blog to explain step-by-step the process of writing and (hopefully) publication. Currently I am in the 'waiting' stage and am completely okay with this stage truth be told. I'm working on a second book and reading great novels. It's the life! :)

Although I'm enjoying a little down time, I'd like to keep the posts coming on this blog. What to write, what to write?

While driving today, I was thinking about a book I'm almost done reading. I picked it apart, but not in a bad way. I tore it piece by piece: how was the character development? Why? Was there enough action or any? Which character did I relate with the most? Who did I root for and why? Was it predictable? Was there a climax in the story? Questions like these. Then it hit me, I should share these thoughts on the books I read. Not as a review. In fact I don't know that I plan on stating whether I liked the book or not, but it's fun to look at a book and see what we can learn from it and apply to our own writing.

I would love for you to chime in on each book I write about if you've also read it. The next book I write about will be Leota's Garden by Francine Rivers.

Here's the Question:
What are some of the things you look for when reading a book?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Karen Witemeyer's Book Signing

I recently blogged about the fantasy and fear of book signings so I figured I'd keep the dream alive with a success story.

Months ago I met Karen Witemeyer at a local writer's guild meeting. She had just returned from a trip where she toured Bethany House to see the many steps a book took before hitting the store shelves. She was absolutely excited to say the least and I enjoyed hearing all she wanted to share.

After our first meeting we began talking and it was then (months ago) that I marked on my calendar- May 22, 2010: Karen Witemeyer's book signing. Today is that day. It also happens to be the first time I have ever in my life attended a book signing.

What did I encounter? I can tell you it wasn't a sad and lonely Karen twiddling her thumbs with piles of unsold books surrounding her. Nope. Karen was happily chatting with readers. Not a line down the block mind you, but a steady stream of people. She sat at a beautifully decorated long table that not only was covered in a lovely table cloth and lace, but also bits and pieces of her character's life- sewing supplies.

At a smaller table were three gift baskets and various other decorations, staying perfectly in stride with the book and time period. On the third table were refreshments. Each of these tables had people around them mingling, a copy of A Tailor Made Bride in hand. I was impressed by her attention to detail and how well it seemed to all come together. Oh, and I did I mention this particular book signing was held at a museum specializing in the frontier days. Perfect.

Here's the question:
Which book signings have you been to? What about the event left an impression on you? If you have yet to attend a book signing, which author's would you love to experience?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Book Signings

Book Signings: Every aspiring author dreams of the day when they sit at a table full of their published books while readers line up in anticipation to buy their very own copy, have it signed with a personal message, and meet the person responsible for authoring such an amazing piece of work.

Is this merely a dream? No, not for well known authors like Francine Rivers and Stephanie Meyer. For the rest of us, yes this is only a dream. Sorry to burst bubbles. It's true though. Yes, we will sit at a table surrounded by our published work. And yes, we'll sign them for readers. However when we begin to envision lines out the door and around the building, that part is pure fantasy. Or so I'm told.

I've chatted with newly published authors who tell me many book stores are even hesitant to host a book signing because it doesn't generate much of a rise in book sales. I for one was shocked to learn such dream-dashing news. For some reason I envisioned myself sitting at a beautifully decorated table in a key area of a very large, very popular book store. I admit I hoped for a line, but knew it wasn't probable. Not on my first book at least. So, now that I know the truth, the reality of book signings do I still dream of one? You bet I do!

Call me crazy but there is just something about the idea of signing books that were once an idea trapped in my imagination. Something exciting about chatting with readers who enjoy either the time period of my book, or Christian fiction in general. Yes, I now have the fear of sitting alone at a tiny, undecorated table off in the corner of a small obscure bookstore twiddling my fingers while browsing customers sneak a glance my way wondering who the heck I am. Or worse yet, a customer thinking I am an employee on a break and asking me where to find the bathroom. But gosh darn it, it seems a right of passage to spend a few hours with pen in hand ready and eager to place my signature on the inside cover of a book with my name on it while bonding with fellow readers. So, when that time comes, you can count me in!

Here's the question:
Have you ever attended or hosted a book signing? What was your experience?

P.S. Someone showed me this video. It confirms it friends. :) Funny to watch.

Monday, April 12, 2010

A New (incredibly simple) Discovery

Big events in life change you. That's a no-brainer. But is writing a book a big event? One that isn't yet published? I would say getting published would be a big event for sure. Regardless of whether or not simply writing a whole novel is a big event, it has tweaked the way I view books so it's definitely changed me.

When I read books in the past I was SUPER picky. I could spot a problem in every novel. Not so much with the punctuation or grammar, but the story-telling. And in a way that's a good thing. I saw what not to do. However in some cases I realize now I was picking at another writer's writing style. And no book is going to be absolutely perfect in every way.

I know this all sounds very obvious but I only truly realized this recently. I was reading a book and although I liked most of the story-telling, I found faults with it's description of things in the story. I wondered to myself why, if I thought this was a great story, would I find fault? And the answer hit me. Different writing style. DUH! This author by no means gave too much description (because lets face it, there is such a thing) but merely more description that I would give. Does that make it wrong? No. Does it make that story any less fun to read? No. It only makes it different than mine and isn't that great? We WANT different writing styles. If every book was written the same, who would want to read anymore?


Here's the question: When you read a book that isn't your own do you sit back and enjoy the story or find yourself critiquing it?

Friday, April 9, 2010


Link  to us!
Months ago, when I was in the middle of writing my book, I wrote an article on marketing and sent it to C.A.P.P.A. (Childbirth and Postpartum Association) for their quarterly magazine. They emailed me back thanking me for my submission and assuring me that when they publish it, they will let me know. Then, nothing.

Yesterday the news came. My article will be in their next quarterly!

So exciting! I can add it to my bio on my query. But here's what's even cooler-

When I wrote my last query there was something about it that I didn't like. I think I mentioned this fact in another post. After prayer and waiting on the Lord, an amazing query for my book was written. So why not send it? It wasn't time. My dream agent suggests sending the first five pages of the manuscript with the query and I am triple checking the manuscript so that she see's my best work.

However as I waited and tweaked the manuscript, a very important piece of the bio made itself available; I am published. God's timing is perfect. I didn't rush this time, and it paid off. Now I have a much better shot at landing my dream agent. I'll keep you posted!

Here's the question: In regards to writing, what was the first piece you had published?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

DO This!

Really, I have got to get this editing done. I try to work on it daily and I am more than half way done, but man is it going slower than I would have liked!

I had a lot of editing to do in the beginning of the book but as I progress, so does more writing apparently. I want to join Writer's Digest and start the search for an agent, but I wont let myself until I have crossed this bridge of completion. Finding the agent is the fun part, although I am sure the submitting part isn't. I will find out soon though.

So, here's my mission for myself, if I choose to accept which I do! Twenty pages a day. Yes, you read that right. I will edit at least twenty pages a day which will have me finishing this book in one week. 'Why do you NEED to get it done?' You Ask? Let me share my reasoning;

In two months we will put our house on the market. I know, that about a month prior we will be busy with getting the house ready and once it's on the market we will be busy keeping it ready. And, once this whole selling and buying and moving process begins, it wont end for awhile. And it will keep me super busy.

That is why I have given myself a deadline. At the end of this month, all queries need to be submitted to various agents. Let's see if I can make that happen, shall we?

102,517 words

Saturday, February 20, 2010


How embarrassing, it's been incredibly too long since I have blogged last.

I finished the book. Well, I finished writing the book. And really, the ending amazed me because it wasn't what I thought it would be. I had planned to end it on a happy note with a fraction of a cliff hanger to make the reader want to pick up the next book in the series.

See, about a month ago I was in church singing worship, and loving it. I had my eyes closed as I sang and a picture came to my mind of a young woman on her knees, her hair down as curtains around her face. In that moment I felt her feelings and wrote down what I imagined. I told myself that image would work well in the second book of the series and to save it for then.

Fast forward a few weeks and I was finishing my novel. Like I said, I wanted the end to be an air of gladness, but maybe it was my mood or the Holy Spirit, because it was very much not on a happy note. :) I can't say what it was, but the opposite of jolly. Before I knew it, I was explaining the image of my character on the floor with her dark hair strewn about and BAM, I wrote what I saw weeks prior without realizing it. Gave me chills.

Now I am in the editing process. It's funny because I saw this mug a long time ago that said 'Writer by choice, editor by necessity.' And now I want that mug! It's so true. Man, editing is a tedious task. Don't get me wrong though, anything that escorts my book into completion and publication is well worth it! Including editing!

I am about 70 pages into editing my book and stuck. Yesterday I worked on it for five hours until my head ached and I just couldn't for the life of me fix a particular chapter. It didn't flow or really explain what I want the reader to understand and no matter how I changed it, I still couldn't get my main point across. That's when I decided to call it a day and go play at the book store for a little while.

I decided, though after dealing with the snag yesterday, that I will write on a piece of paper each chapter and the focus to see the steps the book takes to the climax and then to the end. I want to make sure each step is in a progressive line and clearly explained. I look forward to seeing a explanatory picture of the story as a whole.

102,678 words (I'm am still adding the word count because as I edit I hope to cut a little out)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

So Close

I am so close to the end of my manuscript, I can feel it! No, really I can. It's nervousness, elation, and sadness twisted together in a braid that looks great from the outside. But you know what? I wouldn't trade these feelings for anything in the world.

When I go into the book store I head straight back to the Christian fiction section and just stand there gazing at rows upon rows of beautiful cover art and different genres. I told my husband last night as we drove home from Mardel's how visually taking in all those books is painfully joyful. I look, wanting so badly for my own book to be among the many I see, and yet I know that at some point in my life, it will.

I am sure, unless life changes dramatically, that I will have this manuscript done by mid February. I thought I would have had it done last Friday, but after phone calls and a little procrastination on my part, that didn't happen, although I will say, I got very close. I can't just end it. Is this me? Is it that I don't want to part with my characters? Or just the way things are? I am not really parting with them, I plan on a series. I just really want it to end well, not abruptly and seeing as the story took the proverbial steps up to the climax of the book, it seems only right they take steps down to the end. I need to end it with dignity and a sense of closure.

It's funny though, I have a small group of friends/ family who know about my writing this book and lately whenever I tell them my word count (it grows almost daily) they say; "end it already!" Makes me laugh.

93,970 words ;)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Finally Writing Again

I know, I know, I have been bad. What with the holidays, and illness' and my husband's injury, logging writing time has been more than difficult. But, I have managed to find a routine to help work around, or rather with these disturbances. On December 18th my love, at work in the wee hours of the morning walked through a solid, steal fire door. Without knowing, as he passed through it, the door came off it's hinges and as he walked away, it fell on him. I got the call at 7am that morning. Quickly I readied the kids for school, and dropped them off, not wanting to tell them and cause their days to be worrisome. I also told Isabel's teacher who graciously offered to take the girls home with her after school if needed. And when I got to the hospital, I saw it was needed. I am so absolutely thankful God protected my husband. Had the door hit him seconds earlier, had he walked a little slower, he would be paralyzed or dead. Instead, it hit him in the leg, knocking him to the ground and hyper-extending his calf muscle. After x-rays and MRI, and many Dr. appointments we have learned he suffered muscle damage and tendon tears. Small price to pay for the effects of a three hundred pound door starting a fight with a two hundred pound man. Alright, alright and you wonder what does all this have to do with writing? Besides the fact that it pulled me away from it? It gave me a chance to read novels in the many hours I have spent in waiting rooms in the last month and a half. And now, I write again! Yes, I have devised a plan. He can't drive and is to have physical therapy three times a week. So, on those days I drop the girls off at school, go pick him up at work, take him to the appointment, and I sit in my car and wait for almost two hours. I bring my few research books I need, my laptop and a coffee. In my little Ford Focus, I write. And I rather enjoy it too!

Strange how when God wants something done, He provides a way to do it, despite the many obstacles. And you ask why not write the two days you aren't the taxi driver? I have prior commitments that I see as necessary to my book really. An in depth Bible study class on one of those days, and I serve as a Bible study teacher to two year old's on the other day. Both are days full of learning for me about Jesus, which in turn reflects in my writing.

Now, I am nearing the end of my very first book and flooded with emotions. Excitement to have completed an actual book and yet afraid to finish it because then my writing goes from just a fun private story, to allowing others to read it which in turn causes me to feel very vulnerable. Not a feeling I excel at by any means. However, I am going to do what I need to do to as the Lord puts it on my heart. And plus, I can't wait to see what picture they would pick as the cover! I know, sounds trivial, but something I think about all too often. :)

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