Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Moved!

Before I begin, I must warn you -this post has nothing to do with writing. Alright, you've been warned, we can proceed.

I can now add a new state to the list of places I've lived.
Okay. So, here's the list:


My new home state? New Mexico. I've driven through plenty of times, but this time is different. This time I stayed and I'm glad I did. I love living around types of natural beauty that are unique to a certain area or state and meeting people from backgrounds different from my own. I think it helps a person to write better -to tap into a larger array of characters when they have lived and experienced more than what's in their own comfort zone. Wait, look, this IS about writing! Leave it to me!

Seriously though, I feel like a blessed woman. When I moved to Texas it was a huge culture shock, but the two years I spent there taught me a lot. I saw a culture hinged upon family and values. I also saw more flat land and big skies than I thought existed!

Now that I'm in yet a new state, I can't wait to learn and see what all New Mexico has to offer and I can't help but wonder if I'll use the area, it's history, or it's people into one of my books.

Are you wondering about the pictures up top? I couldn't help myself. Yes, I did an unsafe thing -I took pictures while driving. (Guilty sigh) I thought the comparison was hilarious. Oh, and I should mention that that U-Haul you see in both pictures, yeah that was my view the WHOLE trip. My hubby was pulling it.

Here's the question:
Can you guess what I was comparing? Notice any differences between the two state pictures?


  1. their roads are worse than ours! :) Hey, you need to take the girls to the Capulin Volcano. It is AWESOME! Our boys loved that you can walk down into the middle of it :) Was really really cool! Miss y'all!

  2. Someone else told me that on Facebook! Love it! Where is this volcano?

  3. It's just outside of Raton, I believe the town is named Capulin after the Volcano. Not sure. But it is really neat!

  4. Hope the move goes smoothly!

    Note: linked here from Wendy's blog where I saw your comments. Read about your desire to be an author. It can/will happen.

  5. Thanks Warren.

    No one said that the NM picture has a lack of flatness that the TX picture has. :)

  6. Ah! Love the pictures, and Jen is so right! The roads here are worse (most of them, anyway). The clouds have been with us the entire month (along with the precip), which is a bit unusual for NM.

    Welcome to NM, Rachel!