Friday, May 13, 2011

Superhighway of Questions

As you know, I've finished writing a complete historical novel (New Hope) and am awaiting correspondence from the literary agent who has requested a partial. I've already began writing New Hope's sequel but decided to put that on hold until I hear back from the agent.

What now? I've posted before on the agonizing experience of waiting; the feeling that my brain is a super highway of 'Back to the Future' floating cars labeled with questions like "Did she get it?", "Has she read it?", "Is she going to email me a rejection letter or call me with good news?". But there's more to this waiting period than simply waiting. If the many questions in my mind regarding the agent are floating, futuristic cars, than these cars are passing floating, futuristic billboards with neon lights flashing at me with questions like, "Should I finish the sequel or start a new series?" and, "If I start a new series should I stay in the same genre?".

See, I've got tons of book ideas. The problem, or the possible problem is that they aren't all the same genre. I have Christian, general market, YA paranormal, and historical ideas to name a few. ;) Can I start another series while I wait even if it's completely different than the genre I'm trying to get published?

And one more question: are all my questions giving you a headache? No, seriously though, what would you do in this situation?