Thursday, July 15, 2010


I'm waiting. Waiting for 'the call'.

Ms. Agent told me to give her eight weeks to read my manuscript. The last week of July/ first week of August, is the eight week mark.

I've heard of other new authors who wait anxiously for 'the call'. Don't get me wrong, I dream of her telling me she wants to represent me, but anxiety? No. My friend asked me if I constantly check my email for a response from Ms. Agent, and I told her I don't want an email, I want a phone call. An email would be a rejection letter.

Why am I not freaking out, it being only a couple weeks away from the end of July? I've had two kids. Okay, yes, I see how that may need further explanation. See, many say writing a book is like having a baby. It takes time and effort and tons of emotions. You work hard, pushing ideas and words from your very core until one day, sitting in front of you is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind manuscript.

I understand that if finishing the manuscript is like giving birth than my analogy is working backwards, but stick with me. I see waiting for 'the call' as waiting to go into labor. Now, yes I've only actually gone into labor twice (I have two kids) but as a doula, I've seen and counsoled many women going into labor. The one sentence every new soon-to-be mom has said two weeks prior to her due date is, "I just want to meet my baby." They want the baby out.

They want to see the fruition of all the time they put into being pregnant. All those leg cramps at 2am, and unwanted pounds gained. You know what I tell them? "Enjoy the rest while you have it." Which leads to why I am not fretting, and wearing down a circle in the carpet around my phone. I am enjoying the rest. I know (from hearing others) that the big work starts after 'the call'.

Just like after having a newborn, the demands are placed on the author in the way of edits, and deadlines. And just like being a new mother, I'll gladly accept the demands head on. But, for now, I am two weeks away from my due date and I am resting. While I enjoy the freedom of writing foot loose and pressure free!

Here's the Question:
What are you waiting for right now?