Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Shower


What pictures or thoughts from that one little word, conjure up in your mind? To new mother's maybe solitude and peace? To a child, possibly frustration over an unnecessary and unwanted nightly routine?

To me, when I think of a shower, four different images, four different experiences pop into my mind.

Why four you ask?

Because in the last four months, my family has been moving and transitioning and I have lived in four different homes and therefore showered in four different showers. Granted, they all got the job done -they spouted warm water from above my head in an effort to cleanse me, but each had it's own unique quirks.

The shower I now have, one that I plan on having for a while, is wonderful. The water pressure is strong, and the droplets fall in streams (unlike one shower head that pushed the water out in a painful spray). My current shower has seats in it, seats! And is larger than the cramped quarters of the past.

I know this is a silly topic, but it's rarely discussed and incredibly important. And, I just enjoy my shower now that I had to tell someone. Or lots of people.

So, tell me about your shower. What do you like about it? What do you wish you could change? What have you already changed? Do you prefer glass doors or curtains? These are all important things you know. :) Inquiring minds want to know!