Tuesday, December 8, 2009


So, I have read a lot of opinions and 'facts' on writing, and lately one such tidbit plasters itself to my mind. It's the one we all hear about; being stuck in the middle of the book. Yup, and I felt so lucky because I was just blazing through without a care in the fictional world, but before you spit at the screen at me, you'll be pleased to know; I got stuck! It's true, it happened to me, and I am sure before the book is done it will happen plenty more times.

I knew as far as word count went, I was nearing the middle if not latter part of my story and I had not yet hit a climax. Sure, there is a little here and there. Drama, love, fear. But not the big climax that leaves the reader feeling breathless at the thought of my book. And I mean a good breathless. I thought of different ways to achieve this unknown climax, but none really fit with where I plan on taking this story in later sequels. I couldn't think my way around this one. I tried, believe me!

So, last night I decided I needed a fresh brain to pick, which was not my own (mine isn't feeling so fresh these days) and called my sister. I explained the problem and ran a few scenarios by, and one she grabbed onto. After throwing different sequences back and forth, I have the climax I want and am moving forward. I did have to go back a couple chapters and do a little more character building on a particular girl to make the climax gut wrenching, but that being done, I really look forward to actually getting to the climax. Now, I must say, it's not like I can sit down tomorrow and write this main part of my book because it is a historical fiction, meaning every time I begin a new scene, I have to go back and do my research to make sure I get it all as accurate as possible.

It being Christmas time I am super busy and not sure how far I will get, but I will pick away at the keyboard and hopefully come up with something great. We shall see.

64,680 words

Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Introduction

After chatting with others who are bloggers, I have decided to give it a try.

I've begun writing a book a while ago, and am close to finishing the rough draft, so I figured, why not blog about the ups and downs (should they come) of this whole experience. As an aspiring published author I am fascinated by the whole process it involves and rarely am able to learn how it all really unfolds, step by step. I have had questions such as; how long does one take to write a book? Who do they ask to read the rough draft? Once edited how long does it take to get an agent? How many agents shoot you down before one gives you a shot? Once an agent agrees to take on the book, what is the rough amount of time that goes by from the moment you sign with the agent till the moment you sign with the publishing company? Hopefully (in every sense of the word), I will have the opportunity to share these answers and more over time, experience, rejections and maybe, just maybe a contract for publication.