Tuesday, December 8, 2009


So, I have read a lot of opinions and 'facts' on writing, and lately one such tidbit plasters itself to my mind. It's the one we all hear about; being stuck in the middle of the book. Yup, and I felt so lucky because I was just blazing through without a care in the fictional world, but before you spit at the screen at me, you'll be pleased to know; I got stuck! It's true, it happened to me, and I am sure before the book is done it will happen plenty more times.

I knew as far as word count went, I was nearing the middle if not latter part of my story and I had not yet hit a climax. Sure, there is a little here and there. Drama, love, fear. But not the big climax that leaves the reader feeling breathless at the thought of my book. And I mean a good breathless. I thought of different ways to achieve this unknown climax, but none really fit with where I plan on taking this story in later sequels. I couldn't think my way around this one. I tried, believe me!

So, last night I decided I needed a fresh brain to pick, which was not my own (mine isn't feeling so fresh these days) and called my sister. I explained the problem and ran a few scenarios by, and one she grabbed onto. After throwing different sequences back and forth, I have the climax I want and am moving forward. I did have to go back a couple chapters and do a little more character building on a particular girl to make the climax gut wrenching, but that being done, I really look forward to actually getting to the climax. Now, I must say, it's not like I can sit down tomorrow and write this main part of my book because it is a historical fiction, meaning every time I begin a new scene, I have to go back and do my research to make sure I get it all as accurate as possible.

It being Christmas time I am super busy and not sure how far I will get, but I will pick away at the keyboard and hopefully come up with something great. We shall see.

64,680 words

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