Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Writing Schedule?

Summer brings new schedules. Most include laying by the pool, sleeping in, and vacations. If you write though, summer brings with it the necessity of figuring out a new 'writing schedule'.

During the school year I write while my kids are in school. Now, I am working on a new time to write. And I don't mean writing with interruptions between each sentence from sweet little ones who want food, permission to watch TV, etc.

No, I am looking for some good, condensed, deep story time. I've told myself I'll wake up early to write in a quiet house with coffee cup in hand. However, since making that decision I've had a sinus infection which demands as much sleep as possible. Good times.

These thoughts got me thinking; how are your writing schedules changing over the summer? Or are you taking the summer off? I'm interested in knowing how others do this. Thanks for your input!


  1. My schedule stays the same.
    My kids attend daycare, and I work a lot of hours.
    Early morning is my writing time...however, lately I've been just too exhausted...and I haven't gotten any writing time...
    I'm working on a new plan.

  2. New plan huh? Let me know when you have it figured out! ;)

  3. Hi Rachel, it's Jen Rector from church. I am an aspiring author as well. Love your blog! I'm writing on Children's Ministry right now but my school/church schedule is so crazy that I just tend to write when ideas formulate into paragraphs. Just hit and miss. Hopefully things will settle in the fall and I'll get more time :) What do you write about?

  4. Hi Jen! I had no idea. Are you following my blog? I'll email you and give you all the info about what I'm writing. :)