Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What's Your Favorite?

I've heard enough debate on the subject of mythological creatures to last me a lifetime -which ones are considered acceptable and which aren't.

Regardless of the sometimes passionate arguments, I happen to love stories about them and in fact have a favorite creature of my own.

What is your favorite mythological creature and why? Was it your favorite since hearing childhood stories about it or has it become a more recent fascination? Do you wish there were more fictional books about your favorite creature?

I'm really interested in your answers! I'll share my favorite and why in the comments with the other answers. :)


  1. I never had one as a child funny enough but I do enjoy the Vampire creatures since Twilight. But not so much the darkness of it,more the passion, adventure and thrill of being different.

  2. I've always liked horses so I like the unicorn and the horse with wings. It would be so neat to have a horse with wings. :)

  3. My very favorite is mermaids. I used to pray (when I was a kid) that God would turn me into a mermaid and in return, I'd share the gospel with the other mermaids and mermen in the sea.

    Whenever I'm visiting the ocean I can't help but gaze out at the vastness and imagine a magical world hidden under the waves.

  4. I agree Leah. As an adult, I've always loved vampire stories. I think it was the idea that they lived through history, and I love history. :) But the Twilight series added a new depth to the 'vampire' and a new depth means lots of new possibilities. :)

    I agree Elizabeth, horses with wings would be super handy and beautiful to look at! :)

  5. Vampires! Always vampires. Ever since I saw Interview with a Vampire...or maybe even before that when I watched Fright Nights.

    Now, I don't write about them, because I'm told the market is saturated and because I haven't come up with a unique story idea that has vampires in it. I do hope they'll never stop publishing vampires books. I'm "the market" and I'm in no way saturated by vampire books.

  6. *headdesk* Forgot to say why. I can't pinpoint it exactly. They're dark, mysterious, romantic,and there's just something about flirting with danger (says the woman who has always been the "good girl").

  7. I agree Tessa, I'll keep reading them too! :)