Friday, October 7, 2011

Asipring Authors Want To Know!

I am preparing an interview with a friend of mine who was a debut author last year and already has three published books on bookstore shelves. She recently signed a book deal for another three books, and is obviously on a roll!

So, I say... let's pick her brain!

I know I have plenty of questions for her on the process of editing the manuscript, queries, getting an agent and becoming published, but I'd love to hear your questions as well. Leave them in the comments and I'll work them into the interview I'm preparing for her. She's very personable and open and loves to encourage aspiring authors so ask away!


  1. I used the word "book" a lot in that first paragraph. :) Book, book book book book. Love em!

  2. How many query letters did the author send out before the first call or offer?

  3. Ha, ha, I didn't even notice the "book" thing. I've been trying to think of a question all day...I don't know if mine are all that great for an interview.

    Like, are beta readers necessary?
    What's your method for revision?

    As you can see...rewriting is not my strong point. At least, I need more practice.

  4. Good question Brinda. I'll add that to the list.

    Rain~ In my opinion, I don't think Beta readers are necessary if you have a couple critique partners reading the whole manuscript. But, after I'm all done editing it, I do print it out and have beta readers read it because I love the feedback and encouragement. :)

    I'll ask her what her what her thoughts are though on beta readers and her method for revision. Those are good questions.

  5. Oh....what's the difference between beta readers and CPs? I thought they were sort of the same thing. Uh, oh.

  6. C.P's are people either trained in writing or another writer/author. They are better able to catch the mistakes with not only grammar and punctuation, but character and plot development etc.

    A beta reader is someone who enjoys reading and can give you feedback from a strictly readers point of view. That's how I understand them to be at least.

  7. OH. Thanks, Rachel! I don't feel as dumb now.

  8. Cool opportunity! Thank you Rachel! How many times did she revise her ms before sending querries?
    How many times after she had an agent did she revise?
    How long did it take her to find an agent?

  9. Just how perfect grammar-wise does your story have to be before submitting? I know it should be as error-free as possible, but I think some mistakes will still slip through the cracks.