Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Today I'm participating in the Dark YA blogfest and our topic is movie fun. We pick a dark YA novel and add the actors to play the characters. Since Hunger Games already has these things, or most of them, I decided to post the actors I see playing the roles of Dark Waters, my book. :) Woohoo! This is gonna be fun!

Allura's Sisters:




Femina Mari from other Shoal's:

Vanessa. Allura is in charge of providing for Vanessa's Pledging ceremony.

Miyu. She's been a Provider for years. She's Allura's trainer, preparing her for the ceremony.

You wanna see some more? Okay, so David is a Allura's love interest. Well, first he's her food interest. ;) Anyways... I can't find a pic that resembles him. He's a Greek-looking teenage guy. Difficult to find that picture online. To me, he looks like my hubby. :) But, here's a taste:
Hehehehe. Hey, she talks about his neck a lot! ;)

David's bike

How about a little more?

Deadman Island. Near the San Juan Islands
Hummel Lake. An actual lake on the island Allura lives on.

Lagoon on San Juan Island, WA where Allura lives

I wish I could add more, like the rest of the Femina Mari, um, well, lets say from the waist down and hope that doesn't sound bad. But I think I'll save that for a later post. :)


  1. I totally do this too (find actors that fit my characters) :) I have a playlist for my current WIP and it also has two Florence + the Machine songs on it ('Shake it Out' and 'Never Let Me Go'). I guess great minds think alike! (Oh, and I've been listening to 'ET' on repeat lately! LOL

  2. I am so in love with Florence + The Machine's new album, in particular "What The Water Gave Me"-- awesome!

  3. Wow! You've gone all out. This was fun. The pictures are great, you totally sucked me.

  4. You gave us such a nice tease of your WiP through the cast photos and setting photos. Gives a lot of room for thought :D

  5. E.R. King & Bee~ I'm crazy when it comes to this stuff. It's apart of my research phase. I have a file on each book I write with the outfits, hair styles, places, etc. It helps me explain well and stay consistant throughout the story. I almost added my pictures of the high school and their team shirts. ;)

  6. Jaime & M.J.~ You won't believe it, but I just found them! I have loved the song Heavy In My Arms on the Eclipse soundtrack, but had no clue who sang it. Then I was on Spotify a bit ago and found the group. Low and behold they sang that Eclipse song I love so much! Yah, I'm a little slow in that sort of thing. :)

  7. YA people have the most fun! :)

    What a fun exercise!

  8. This is lovely. Great that you are using your own book, too. Your nature photos are awesome. I live in WA, too! Your book sounds cool.

  9. Not a bad playlist, just next time set it so it doesn't start upon page load!

  10. Thanks Joe! Nah, I like it like this. That way when people are viewing my character's pictures, they can have a sense of not only their looks, but their story due to the emotion of the music. Of course, I will have to set it not to start automatically once I add a new post. :)

  11. I love how you worked out this Dark YA post! And the music...It rocks! The pics are beautiful. I really had fun with this. You go girl!

  12. Noice! I do this sometimes with my stories. Does David wear a winter coat in your book, or was it that this model's neck is just right? =)

  13. Haha! No, Rain. I don't remember him wearing one winter coat. :) Great neck though! ;)

  14. I love how you found pictures of your characters and setting! It makes the story seem more real. I've done this before but never posted them. Great blog! :)