Sunday, January 2, 2011

Resolution to Have Resolve

It's January -the month of resolutions. I personally love January's. To me the month itself says "fresh start". And who doesn't love a fresh new beginning?

Now, I was going ask what your New Year's Resolutions were, but that question is kind of old and the theme today is new. Also, my friend tells me that she doesn't tell others of her resolutions because she may not be able to keep them. Which made me think.

Out of your whole, potentially long list of resolutions, which one do you know will happen in 2011? Without a doubt you know, that you'll either stick to it, or make it happen, or it's just going to happen because is has to. Tell me that one. That one resolution that doesn't have the option of not happening.

Okay, I'll go first. I want to say that I will most certainly get an agent this year. I want to say that, but I'm not gutsy enough. I know that no matter how hard I try, an agent isn't guaranteed. So, I'll move onto my next resolution. Yes, this one I can decide to follow and make happen. This one rests solely on my shoulders. Here it is, I WILL loose my chocolate editing weight. You see, editing is painful, and chocolate helped ease the thousands of little pricks as I deleted favorite scenes and explanations. Unfortunately, it took more than a few sweet treats to ward off the evil edit monster and although my book is successfully whittled down to about 95,000 words, I'm feeling (and seeing) the effects. I don't have a goal weight, just the goal to fit back into my jeans comfortably.

So, what's yours? Tell me the one resolution that you know WILL happen in 2011!


  1. You are a brave girl to give up the editing chocolate. I wish I had your strength! This may sound silly, but the one thing I vowed to do this year was make a HOT breakfast for my kids every day. No more cold cereal of beloved poptarts for the kiddo's!

  2. Ok well you know me my know of course its the ugly weight that has crept its way back in my shirt and jeans. So I say yes without a doubt I will lose 40 lbs this year. I want to turn my husbands head. I want to be his girlfriend again. Not his wife of 9 years, not the mother of 3 children,but his girlfriend. The one he wants to be clean shaved around. The one where he cares about how he looks,and thinks of silly ways to please me. Not that he doesn't care at all about those things now,but not like when I CARED ABOUT MYSELF,NOT LIKE WHEN I TRIED TO GET HIS ATTENTION :) I used to try and then I kinda stopped. So ya thats my 2011 Goal. Work on me which will work on US. I am not trying to sound like image is the only thing that counts. I just don't feel that my inner self needs any work. I am a loving,devoted wife and wonderful mother so I just wanna get this skinny girl in me out so she can play :)

  3. My 2011 goal is to also fit into my jeans again! I know I can do this because I have done it before. I also want to start feeling good being in my own skin! I really hope you get an agent this year!

  4. Trisha, I love that idea. Do your kids go to school? Does the warm breakfast mean you have to get up earlier to cook breakfast before school? Oh, and I can't guarantee that I'll not pick up chocolates at editing time on the next book. ;) Like my sister says, you want to loose the baby weight before you get pregnant again.:)

    Leah, I agree. I see what you're saying. Plus, when we are working out, we feel sexier (even if we haven't lost any weight). And when we feel sexier, we act sexier.

    Sarah, I totally get wanting to fit into the jeans! Do they completely not fit, or are they just really tight?

  5. The completely don't fit. :( I want to join a gym again! Just like old times!

  6. first one is no sugar for 6 months. I went 3 months last year and that was the longest 3 months of my life! But I am not alone in this goal. A lot of my friends are doing it with me and that helps. Diabetes runs in my family and I am definitely a sugar addict. I started researching what sugar actually does to your body and it is like a drug! So I am on day 3 of my no sugar thang. So far, my husband hates me not being on sugar. He said yesterday, "can't you just have a peppermint or something? That may make you feel better!" "No- it would make YOU feel better!" I said. I'm not asking my kids what they think....
    My second one is to kiss my husband more. Since he is blind, he needs more touch. I don't touch him enough or kiss him enough. Just think about if you can't see someone's expressions when you look at them. He has no clue that I am smiling lovingly at him. He has no clue if I'm flipping him off...jk...
    But he loves it when I kiss him. And he feels reassured that I love him through touch.
    Wish me luck! BTW- I love seeing everyone's goals! Inspiring!

  7. I remember when you did the no sugar thing last year. You go! And about kissing your hubby more. I would have never thought about that. I still need to interview you one day! :)