Monday, December 5, 2011

Animal-Type Companions

I feel like checking in and saying hello because it's been SOOOOO long.

Today, I just really want to talk about dogs...

I love dogs. In the past I assumed most writers had some sort of love for animals. And it doesn't even have to be animals, but rather pets. A pet? Anything? But every...single...time..I post something about pets it's like blogger crickets crawl onto my page and play me a sad serenade. And I don't get it. Every writer I know has a beloved pet who lays near them as they write, or chews their desk leg or sprawls across their laptop.

Lets start talking about those creatures of ours! Because they're just so darn cute and obnoxious sometimes with personalities all their own. Don't you think?

Now I completely get that some people are simply not pet people. Two out of my three sisters prefer a pet-free home. I respect that, and if you want to comment on why the fluffy fur balls get your skin crawling, feel free.

But if you do have an animal-type companion, tell me about him/her.

As I've posted, I have a little white fluffy dog who probably detests the laptop because she's a lap dog who must sit beside me rather than on me half the time. And at this very moment *squee* I am watching two other dogs and am in heaven, posting videos and pictures to Facebook continuously. That probably also explains the whole "let talk about pets" thing I've written here.

In fact, as my husband left for work today, he made it a point to look me straight in the face and with his serious eyes, tell me "The big dog is not allowed on the bed. He's an outside dog. He's dirty."

But the big dog is so cute!

It's share time. Tell me about your animal-type companion.



  1. When I was younger I loved any kind of animal. I went on "dates" with my dad and I'd spend like an hour in the pet store at the mall...
    I've always preferred cats to any other animal, and I've had my cat for 13 years. I love her dearly, but I don't think I'd get anymore pets. I just like the freedom to pick up and leave whenever and not have to worry about a creature that's dependent on me.

  2. I love dogs, and I love people who love dogs! (I also have friends who are cat people.) It warms my heart to see a family that makes room for multiple dogs, especially mutts or those that may otherwise have no home. My dogs have always come from abandoned litters, garbage dumps, and animal rescue organizations. They know that they have been saved, and they are so grateful. I see it in their eyes and body language every time I take one home. Thanks for this post, including your photos, Rachel.