Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ice Storm

I just got home from busyness and I need to throw myself back into revisions, but seeing as I just came back from filing my taxes and checked that box off, I am now staring at the next line down on my list of "Things To Do In Order". Yes, they have to be done in order. What's next on my list you ask? 

Buying a home. 

I know, I know. Pretty big box to check. That would be why I stared and then ran to my laptop to show you pictures of our recent ice storm. :)

Look. They're so pretty...

I have many more pictures (much more beautiful than these) on my camera and as soon as I can find the thingy to download them, I'll post those too. As you can assume, we were without power for four days and the roads were hideous. But man was it gorgeous! The days and nights were blanketed by a pristine silence and as the branches broke from the forest of trees behind my house, cracking noises echoed through the woods. Definitely an experience to remember. 

Okay, time to go tackle that box. I'm off to find a Realtor! 

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  1. WOw those are beautiful!! Love love love it! Great shots. And good luck on the house hunt! We sold and bought a new house last year and it's so stressful, but so so nice to have more room. ANd my own office now. :)