Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Painfully Passionate Kissing Scene

It's the big V Day and that means blog hopping. And whether the posts are full of romance or anti-romance, it's a fun way to spend the hours. Writing With Hope is hosting her own blog hop by linking to those of us who post a favorite kissing scene of 250 words or less from their WIP. 

I've picked a particularly strong kissing scene from my manuscript not for the romance of the whole situation, but for the...passion? And when I say passion, I'm thinking hungry, aching, man-eating desire type of passion.


Acidic flooded my mouth and everything I saw appeared to be covered in a haze of crimson satin.

Oh no!

I started to take a step back, away from David, but as I moved my eager tooth pricked my tongue and the delicious taste of blood mingled with the acid in my saliva. Shock pulsated through my muscles, freezing me into place.

My hands ached and my stomach growled.  

Before I could stop myself, I lunged forward; in one fluid movement, my arms snatched up his shoulders and shoved them into the trunk of a tree, heaving my chest against his. David’s breath wheezed from his lungs. The ringing in my ears grew deafening as my neck jerked toward him and my lips parted.

Without warning, my body gave one last shove, driving my mouth to go in for the kill. He gasped as his fingers laced around my waist and squeezed at my hips. His hands worked their way up my back, clawing as they moved. I lost my focus and pulled my lips away from him. My feet staggered backward until they tripped on a dead branch and I tumbled to the ground, my rear thudding into the moist dirt floor.

“Wow,” David said with a heavy breath. He propelled himself from the tree and reached his hand out to me.

“What did I just do?” I asked, knowing full well I’d just kissed the guy I’d thought for sure would be my meal.


  1. Very cool. I love the kiss saving the guys life- at least for now.

  2. Cool twist at the end. This definitely has passion boiling throughout, as well. I love the vampire love/eat quandry. Very powerful.

    1. Thanks Shell. She's not a vampire though. :) She's a siren.

  3. Totally unexpected, love it! What I love more is that you gave us such a slight glimpse into this story that I'm curious about who she is, who he is and what's going to happen to them. Nicely done.

    New follower *waves*

  4. loved the kissing my meal kinda thing :) awesome writing and passion :) New follower, glad I found you :)

  5. So glad you guys liked it! I've been editing it for a while now and getting to the point where I wonder if I need to stop already and start submitting it or if I'm just getting tired of it cause I stink as a writer. So thanks for the encouragement. :)

  6. hey this was different and very nice. Kinda rough. lol. I liked it!

  7. Awesome! I want to read more! Great heat and tension here and I love the line about kissing her meal :) I'm a Washington girl too :) Gotta love the rain!