Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mermaid Novels

As you know, I like mermaids. And like is an understatement.

When I heard mermaid novels would be the next big thing in the YA literary world, I was more than a little elated. Especially because I had finished a novel about mermaid-type creatures and was in the process of editing it. Fast forward to now, and I'm hearing that the supposed next big thing was actually more of a burst and then a fizzle. Meaning publishing houses bought mermaid novels and are releasing them this year and then that's it. They don't want anymore. Now, this doesn't mean I'm giving up hope, because like I said, my characters are mermaid-type. They aren't even called mermaids in the book (or sirens) and the word "mermaid" to them is offensive.

But I still LOVE stories about mermaids. So, I'm hoping this mermaid book thing doesn't fizzle out and end completely with the few releases this year. In an effort to spread the word on such novels, I plan on blogging about the upcoming books right before their release dates. And seeing as I have yet to receive an ARC for one of these lovelies, I wont be adding a review to these release blogs. Of course, you know me and as soon as I get my hands on these books there will definitely be reviews. :)

Sound good?

Okay, so when you think of mermaids, what comes to mind?

It's funny because as I'm writing this post, my daughter is sitting beside me watching H20. Yeah, it's in her blood.    


  1. First thought: But what about Silkys? why doesn't anyone talk about silkys in their mermaid books?
    Second thought: Mermaids seem to represent two things Sex and Freedom. The freedom aspect is very interesting when realizing that their home is the seas, a place often associated with chaos and the unmaking of reality. the mermaid is the human who can live and exist in that chaos. the person who can live among chaos and not be unmade. the theological and philosophical unpacking that could be done is very tantalizing.

    1. So true. And I agree, the Selkie stories are untapped. I haven't written about them, but I recently read the work of someone who has. You might really like her book. Here's my review of it.

  2. I hadn't heard that about the mermaids being the next big thing. While I was querying my fairytale, one agent told me that fairytale retelling are becoming super overdone. That's certainly discouraging to hear, but I don't think that should affect me in my pursuit of publication. I's just one opinion and for many people, fairytales never get old. Same with mermaids.

  3. Not a mermaid fan but I guess that's ok cuz they drown us men. Seriously I like the idea since it seems pretty fresh compared to the same old vampire stuff. Really like your blog!

  4. I've heard so many agents say they don't want 'angel books', it's driving me mad. My story characters aren't 'angels' exactly (they're Reapers living in Purgatory, to put it simply) but I'm still afraid I'll get auto-rejected. :(
    I definitely feel for you. Let's show these agents what they're missing out on!

  5. Oh well honestly I haven't read much in way that has mermaids but I would love to read more. I am a total Disney girl at heart and still watch The Little Mermaid on a regular basis (complete with singing along like I'm 7 again). I think the only book I've read thus far though is Goddess of the Sea by P.C. Cast book 1 in her Goddess Summoning series. I LOVED it (and the series). I also have another on my kindle to be read and reviewed in the near future.

    I wish you the best of luck finishing your book and getting it out there. From what I just read I'd totally check it out. I like new things!

    BTW mind if I ask where you heard about he next big trend? I'm always the last to know these things lol

  6. Well, I for one hope that isn't true! When I released my mermaid/selkie books, I didn't realize that there was going to be this huge push for mermaids...but only for a year. I wish you luck with your querying process Rachel! I for one will always be a mermaid fan and look forward to reading your work!