Monday, March 12, 2012


Have you ever had one of those days when you couldn't write if you wanted to? No, I'm not talking about feeling uninspired or having a case of writers block. I'm more going for angry, mad, pissed off royally. Those types of feelings.

And then after feeling red as a hornet, you sit down to write, and suddenly your MC is telling important supporting characters off, flashing a sword she never had before because this is a contemporary novel. And then someone dies a tragic and horrid death that has absolutely nothing to do with the sword, it's more like they spontaneously com-bust and then...

Wait. Is red hornet a saying or did I just mutilate that and mix two different sayings--one referring to being red and the other to being a hornet?

Yeah. You get the picture. Ever felt like that?

~This is not in reference to any writer-world stuff. So, not rejection related.

~I did mutilate it. I looked it up. It's supposed to be, "Madder than a red hornet." I attached pictures because to me they don't look very mad. Just busy as a bee working. :) Oh and apparently it's a wasp, not a hornet. 


  1. Well, there is a Green Hornet. Not sure if that helps. Anyway, yes I know how this feels. Usually I just produce angry art or angry tweets/FB statuses. I try to avoid blogging because I'm afraid I'll say something I'll regret later. And I definitely can't write!

    1. Yes which is exactly why I didn't blog about what upset me. I just think it's cool how our emotions can completely change our writing and our stories.

  2. I can't say that I've ever had that problem when it comes to my writing... It sounds like some cool ideas could result from it though--like swords in contemp novels. =) I write a lot of poetry when I'm sad.