Thursday, May 31, 2012

Coffee and Conferences...What Could Be Better?

I'm in a coffee shop! On my laptop! Sipping coffee. Mmmmm.

I have nothing of great importance to blog about. Just so you know. But, I was wondering something. Or maybe merely thinking about it. Whatever.

So, conference. Going? I'm bringing this topic up because, while it's been talked about a ton online, it's still fun to discuss. Summer's coming and all writers know what that means:

~Select agents closed to submissions

~Loads of aspirations to get tons of writing done



It's the preferred topic of discussion within my writers group these days. The thought of an upcoming conference is like Christmas for the writer. A possibly uncomfortable Christmas with potentially amazing presents and that slight fear that you'll completely ruin the holiday dinner by burning the roast and running the guests from your home because you've set the kitchen on fire. Yeah, that about sums it up.

Two of my writers group friends are attending the Willamette Writers Conference in Portland, Oregon. This one looks big and full of opportunities. Lots of agents and classes. I'm tempted to join them, except I've already made plans to attend another conference. And paying for two conferences within months of each other is probably a pretty expensive move.

I plan on attending the Emerald City Writers Conference through RWA in Bellevue, Washington. As much as I'd like to attend the national RWA conference, this summer is a busy one for me, what with moving and all. So, the next best thing, I hear, is the conference of a local RWA chapter. I chose the local one for many reasons, one being that this will be my first conference ever. So, I suppose this one will get my feet wet. Plus, this conference has a program for first time attendees--green horns like myself. Another reason? I'd like to get to know writers in my area of the U.S. In my neck of the literal woods. Also, they had a contest going called the Emerald City Opener. I thought it would be great fun to submit some of my work, and if I place, I'll be there to chat with the judges.

So what about you? Ever been to a conference? Plan on going this year? When, which one, and what made you decide on that particular conference?      

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  1. I've never been to a writing conference, but I'd really love to attend one. Most of the good ones are in the U.S. which means pretty expensive for me to get to (flight, accommodations, conference fees, etc.). Still, a girl can dream, right? I'm going to check out your link to the Emerald City Writers Conference, partly because I love the heck out of the name. :)