Friday, May 4, 2012

Phone Lovers

I'm a fan of Trigger Happy TV show
I am in the throws of house buying, and that means making phone calls. Lots and lots of phone calls. To people I don't know, to turn on utilities, to get insurance quotes, to uncomfortable. 

I. Hate. Making. Phone. Calls.

Weird right? Or is it?

I'm the writing-to-communicate type of girl. I'd rather discuss something over text, or email, or even Face Book. Why do I dislike talking on the phone so much? Hum. I have my assumptions. But, what about you? I've read on some of your blogs that you're not phone lovers. Wait. That didn't sound right. You're not people who love talking on the phone. Although, you could be someone who dislikes phone conversations, who is also a lover in the long distance sense, thus from time to time a phone lover...hummm.

But seriously? What are your thoughts? Business phone calls, fine with them or hate them?

And what about personal phone calls? Love them or dislike them?

Just a little Trigger Happy TV comedy for your viewing pleasure. ;)


  1. Haaate talking on the phone. Hate hate hate. So it's unfortunate that I work in IT, where phoning up people across the country to fix their computers is what I'm paid for.

    I've just about managed to get over my fear of phones at work, where I've had years to get confident in what I'm doing and feel in control. But when it comes to phoning to sort out bills, or phoning people for a chat, I still try to avoid it and stick to text/e-mail/Facebook.

  2. I am not much for talking on the phone. Unfortunately my days are so bust at the office I have to do my calls on my drive home every day. So much for listening to my ipod in the car...

  3. I don't really mind talking on the phone when I get into the conversation. However, when first approached to make a phone call, I will despise the very notion of it and do all I can to avoid it. I personally also prefer text, facebook, or email.

  4. I am not a phone lover at all but my job forces me into using the darn thing multiple times daily.

  5. Carrier pigeons are the only way to go.