Friday, June 29, 2012


I gotta tell ya, a month and a half ago, I was a sad woman.

We had been house hunting for months, and finally had an offer we'd put on a house accepted. The house was everything I thought I wanted, and even had a green belt in the backyard! (For those of you who don't know what a green belt is, it's a nature-filled piece of property owned by the government and gives you a great view).

Then things went sour. It was a HUD home, and although the folks in charge of the sell of this home originally agreed to our terms of using VA, they soon began fighting those terms and ended up denying VA. We had to use a different type of loan, or walk away. Eventually we walked away. If you were to look at me, I was fine. Great even. The very next day after we pulled out of the contract, I was house hunting again. But, while I knew I had to pull my big girl panties on and find my family a house, I also realized nothing I looked at would compare to the beautiful view of trees I almost had.

When I went house hunting that next day, it was a gloomy out. I had two homes to look at. TWO. I liked the floor plan of the first one, but it was just on the inside. And the second, I disliked the floor plan altogether. I mulled over this decision for days before putting an offer on the blue house. An offer that was accepted.

The day I visited the house (it's a two hour drive from where I was currently living) for the inspection, it was sunny. And what I saw took my breath away. Trees shmeeze. (I'm sorry trees, I didn't mean that, you know I love you).

I have a view of the water! The Puget Sound to be exact. And the Olympic range. Oh, and the San Juan islands. The very San Juan islands where my book takes place. The very Puget Sound my characters swim in. :)

So, here's a picture of one of the views. And as soon as I locate my camera, I'll take more.


  1. What a gorgeous view! I'm sorry your first offer fell through, but it looks like the new house might suit you better anyway. :) It's lovely to live close to the water.

  2. Great views! I don't think I'd mind looking every day one bit! ;)

  3. It's funny how things tend to work out for the better in situations like these. We got into a bidding war over a house we adored. In the end, we realized we were making bids beyond what we should be, and we pulled out. I was depressed until we found a house that had just come back on the market and realized this was the house we were meant to be in. I thought that was a positive enough result, but I'm thankful now, as I don't know if that other house survived the fire in my area yet. I hope you enjoy your new home.

    1. I agree. These things work out for the better. I'm so thankful your house wasn't damaged. Thanks! I am very much enjoying I unpack. ;)