Thursday, July 26, 2012

Conference Decisions...Where Do You Stand?

My best friend, who is also one of my critique partners, will soon be headed to the Pacific Northwest Writers Association conference in Portland, Oregon. I wish I were going with her...kinda.

So far, we've been hand-in-hand on this writing journey. I want to be there to jump up and down like crazy, hormone-induced Twilight Moms, the moment she gets her first request for materials from a pitch session. I want to share a fun weekend away with her, where we're surrounding by our dream career choice.

But, really, that's the main reason I want to go. Which is why I'm not.

See, I've taken a turn in my writing behavior. I've learned a little from Allura, my main character in Dark Waters. She's a hunter. She stalks. Waits. Watches. And most of the time, when she goes in for the kill, she ends up with a tasty meal.

I don't plan on eating anybody, but I refuse to pounce until I'm confident I've brought my A game. And at this point, I feel like I'm sitting at a solid B. I have nine more chapters to revise in Dark Waters. When I am done with that, I will load the document onto the Kindle and read it as a whole, making changes where needed. After that, I'll send it out to my beta readers. And continue tweaking as needed. Then, comes the polishing of the query. Then the verbal pitch.

THEN, I'm ready.

And in October, I'll be attending my first conference.

Why am I telling you this?

Because with my best friend calling and texting me with updates to her pitches, and with the numerous tweets and Facebook posts about the RWA nationals, this is my way of self-soothing. ;)

Plus, I'm wondering your thoughts on all this. Have you set a goal that you must reach before attending a conference? Do you plan on attending one soon? If you have attended a conference, what was the main point you felt you took away from it? And lastly, but most importantly, do you like my flower at the top of this page? I took the picture yesterday, in my front yard. :)    


  1. I'm planning on attending the Winter SCBWI conference in NYC in February. I'm hoping that by that point I will already be querying my story and waiting to hear back from agents (that just made my stomach drop to my ankles). I think it's the perfect timeline at this point. I know exactly what you mean, though. I'd hate to show up with a half-baked product and miss out on the opportunity to pitch something complete.

    1. Wow, how exciting. That's going to be a big one. I can't wait to hear how it goes! :)

  2. Great post! You are asking similiar questions I've been running past some of my critique partners. I am planning on attending my first conference in October, but haven't decided whether or not to speak with an agent. I have a few new things in the works, but I'm not sure I will be ready to pitch something by then. Although some have told me that they just use the time to pick an agent's brain and not pitch an idea. So, I don't know...still figuring it out here!