Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thursday's Children 5-2

It's time for another Thursday's Children post where we blog about what inspires us.

*taps fingers on desk*

What inspires me? 

I think, hope. 

It's that thing we can't see or touch, but has the power make our dreams tangible. We writers have the gift of microscopic vision when it comes to hope. We can find the tiniest shred and cling to it as though it were the only shield left in our writerly battles. We also lose it easily, giving in to despair, only to have another writer come along and offer us a piece of theirs, until we're steady enough to search out for our own again.

I can't think of any other goal in my life that I've devoted so much to, worked so hard for, as writing. From the outside, it had to have looked hopeless. Nothing about me screamed author. And yet because of the hope in my soul, a fire burned in my heart, melting away doubt and burning my inadequacies till they were nothing more than crumbled charcoal stirring in the wind. 

On the back of the amazing announcement that I'm now agented, I think it only fitting that this week's inspiration be hope. :) Happy Thursday, guys! 

What gives you hope? 

                                                            Do you see the little bird?


  1. Congratulations on signing with an agent! That's incredible news, and this post on hope is very apt. I'll be inspired by your hard work and dedication, and hold out hope for the same thing to happen to me. :)

  2. This is so true! And it's exactly what keeps me revising and querying again and again. Congrats again on your recent signing!

  3. The thing that gives me hope is reading success stories like yours. Without hope, we can't even imagine something better down the road! Great post!

  4. That's a good one, Rachel. My mother always joked if she knew she was going to have three girls, she would've named us Faith, Hope and Charity, and Hope would've been mine as the second born (thank goodness she did not know for the sake of my youngest sister!) But truly, as writers we always hope our books will inspire hope in others. :)

  5. Beautiful sentiments, Rachel. Huge congrats for signing with an agent! That's HUGE! :D

  6. Hope keeps me going, too, when it comes to my comics and art. Such a great pick for today's inspiration! :)