Sunday, February 5, 2017

Month of (Book) Love

Happy February--the month of love!

And what better way to celebrate love than to talk about book love? Either a book you're writing or one you're reading.

I've just started a rewrite for Deadly Splendor, but recently put the polishing touches on Freyja's Daughter, so let's talk about that one.

Freyja's Daughter is about a huldra, Faline, who's reality is flipped upside down when her sister is abducted by her protectors. To get her sister back, Faline seeks the help of her ex-fling, Officer Garcia, and her mortal enemies--the succubae, mermaids, rusalki, and harpies.  

You can browse through my Freyja's Daughter Pinterest board here.

How about you? Experiencing any book love this month?


  1. Ooh, really love the sound of Freyja's Daughter. Intrigued by all the mythological beings you've included in this story, especially the ones who rarely get a chance to shine in books. (I especially have a soft spot for harpies, since I've written about 'em before myself, heh.) Best of luck with this book!

    1. I'm so glad to read this. Thanks! Yeah, my goal is to include lesser known (but equally as awesome) folkloric women into this series. It's important that we have lots of archetypes to chose from in fiction. :)