Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kiss Summer Goodbye!

My dog, Squeakers, howling as I drove to the family reunion.

I have elementary-aged children. Yes, I smile as I write this because the first day of school is inching closer and closer. And we have a celebratory tradition in my house. Every summer, as the kids' break is dwindling to its end, we do Summer Blowout Week. Yup, it's always the week before school starts, and it's always fun. Basically we have a summer activity planned for everyday of the week. Here's this year's schedule:

Sunday: family reunion

Monday: playing with cousins, snack time at a small town bakery, hanging at the park.

Tuesday: hanging at the movie theater eating candy.

Wednesday: swimming at the local pool.

Thursday: baking lots of yummy treats for their new teachers, and of course for themselves too. (I realize this is not technically a summer activity, but it's what they wanted to do).

Friday: special secret family event in which happy tears will be shed and a celebratory lunch will be enjoyed.

Saturday: cousin's wedding, yummy food and dancing. 

Sunday: family trip (with family friends) to San Juan Island for sight-seeing and whale watching.

Yeah, now you know why we call it Summer Blowout Week! 

And then, once school starts back up again and the house is quiet and I'm able to crawl into my character's skin without interruption, I get to resume writing! I am beyond excited about this! 

And guess what else? I get to attend a conference in October. So, soon I'll map out the schedule and make plans. Super exciting. 

Yes, this fall brings good things. I just know it. 

So, what about you? What are you looking forward to this fall bringing, besides gorgeous orange leaves? What are you doing to kiss summer goodbye? 


  1. Wow, you aren't kidding when you say Summer Blowout Week is...well, a blowout! Sounds like a really fun way to say goodbye to summer. Good luck writing once all is quiet again! BTW, your dog Squeakers is adorable! :)

    I'm kissing summer goodbye by...wait for it...job-hunting. I sure know how to have fun. XD

    1. Wow! That's kissing summer goodbye in every sense of the meaning! Good luck with the job hunt!