Monday, August 13, 2012

WriteOnCon & A Little Sharing


Maybe it's because I'm surrounded by YA writers. Or maybe it's because these writers are just amazing. But the feedback from the WriteOnCon forums is like nothing else. Friendly. Helpful. Professional.

So, that's where I've been this last week, and I'll continue to linger on the forum until the event is over and the doors are closed.


I did want to share a little something.

Before I began writing Dark Waters, I did some research on the islands of the Pacific Northwest. I decided to create Allura's home on Friday Harbor (one of the San Juan islands), but I looked at plenty other islands in making that decision. I scoured Google earth for jagged cliffs Allura and her sisters could jump from and climb up. One island I found was Whidbey Island. On Saturday, the family went to see the place in person and WOW. Gorgeous.

I sat on a beach full of pebbles (common for beaches on the islands up here) like I'd written about. I stared at the Puget Sound. At the jetted cliffs covered in evergreens. I'd only seen these places through online pictures. These are the places Allura inhabits. And finally, I was apart of them.

It only intensified my desire to share Allura with the world. To share the islands of Washington with the world. Below are a couple pictures I took. :)

Look right

Look left

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