Friday, July 22, 2011

What Disney Movie Made You Cry?

What Disney animated movie made you cry?

And what about it brought the water works?

For me, I think almost all of them have made me cry at some point or another, but one that brought that tightness to my chest and a lump in my throat was Tangled. Watching her work so hard, encounter so many obstacles and push through them even though she really didn't know how, all to experience a dream of hers. When she finally got to the water and watched in amazement the lights floating overhead, that grabbed my heart and tugged.


  1. I think I've cried in almost every Disney movie too- Tangled included. I remember seeing Lion King (I think I was a young teen) and bawling when Mufasa dies. What can I say? I get a little emotional in movies.

  2. I need to see Tangled. I have a little cousin who's five and she absolutely loves it. I can't remember how often I may have cried at a Walt Disney movie. It's been so long since I've seen one. The movies are the greatest though, no doubt. They set the stage for imagination in every child and that's a wonderful thing. Another wonderful thing would be the lake picture at the top of your blog here. Omigosh! What a gorgeous place.

  3. Melanie~ Me too! No judgment here! :)

    T.C.~ You have to see Tangled! And that lake is right down the street from my parents' house. My girls and I took a little walk around it, in a forest area and I saw the dock on the lake. It reminded me of my latest WIP. :)