Monday, November 19, 2012

Breaking Dawn Premier!!!

So I did it. I went to the premier of Breaking Dawn Part 2. And man...It was AMAZING!!!

Yes, the rumors are true. There is a surprise ending. And it caused such a visceral response from the movie-goers that a few times during the movie there was yelling and gasping. From me? What? No, I'm not one of those crazy Twi-Hards...FINE! Yes! I shouted at the screen and felt so strongly I actually shook in my seat! At one point I grabbed my sister's thigh and squeezed to release my anxious feelings without actually having to get up and pace the aisle. Yeah, it was like that.

And yes, I'm one of those Twi-Hards who got there way early and waited in the cold. Let me tell you how it went down...

I live two hours north of my sister. So, I drove south. She called the theater that afternoon to double check the line rules, where it was located, and that sort of stuff. They said we weren't allowed to line up (outside) until 7:15 pm. Our showing was at 10:30 pm. I was shocked we had to wait.

So, we got to the theater at 6 pm. Because my little sister was adamant about being the first in line, we hung around the theater. Grabbed some coffee at a nearby coffee house and then stood beside the people lining up for the 10 pm showing. See, the theater was taking the 10 pm showing folks in early, so as to decrease the outdoor line length. My sister wanted to hover near the 10 pm line so that the moment they were taken into the theater, we could be first in line for the 10:30 showing. So, we pulled the blankets, coats, Twilight games, and foldout chairs from the car trunk, and waited.

Then, the 10 pm folks went in. And guess what? We weren't merely the first in line for our showing, but we were the ONLY ones in line!

My sister, very excited about our line status. 

    We set up our chairs, and waited.
By this time the line was forming. 

What? We look cold? Yeah. It was 37* out with a light mist, because you know, we ARE in Washington. But, our line wasn't supposed to be taken into the warm theater till 9:15 pm. What did we do while we waited? You mean besides drink lukewarm coffee and eat buckets of popcorn? Why, play Twilight trivia games of-course!
My sister's sister in law, clearly excited.

And then the moment came. They opened that side door and led us into our designated auditorium. My sister reminded us a couple times, that since we listened to her, we had first choice of seating. Joy of all joys. After our bones warmed a bit we shed our coats, and scarfs, and gloves. And then we ate more popcorn. (I hadn't eaten since 11 am, so popcorn was my dinner.)

We didn't shed the blankets, though.

And then we chatted excitedly. Until...the lights went down. The previews were even great. But when those words came onto the scene, uh, my breath hitched, and my eyes locked onto the huge rectangle of amazingness.

Now, I wont tell you the ending. I wouldn't want to ruin it for you. But, I will tell you how sweet the very end was. Many of you know the meadow scene in Twilight was the dream Stephanie Meyer had had that sparked this whole thing. You'll also notice in every movie (save for the first Breaking Dawn, I think) there's a meadow scene. Breaking Dawn part 2 ends with Bella and Edward in the meadow and man, that made me want to cry! Also, during the credits, when they show the actors who have played characters in the Twilight movies, there's a piece of the screen displaying the book that character was in, and pages that flip to the page where that character is introduced. To me, as a book lover and writer, that small piece was incredibly special. 

So there you have it. :)

Have you seen it yet? Are you planning to?


  1. That was a fun night and one I will always remember, couldn't have been more perfect. As you know I saw the movie again today (for the second time) and loved it just as much as the first time....even tho there were some sad parts in it 😞 -Dani (the sister who got us first in line)

    1. I love it, Dani! When you send out the family update with your Christmas cards, be sure to add you're huge accomplishment this year: getting us to the front of the line!

  2. Wow, talk about dedication! A friend of mine mentioned that book-thing in the credits to me, and I can't help but think that's super-cool! Too many adaptations pretty much spit on the source material too much to ever do that, if you ask me. Glad to hear you had so much fun, and that this movie was such a rewarding end to the franchise! :)

  3. OMG I loved it too! Yes I had to fight the urge to shout out at the end. Wow that place is strict. My group we go to all the Twilight movies, the last 4 HP's, Hunger Games and many others to come, we get there super early. This year part of our group got there at 6am to get things set up and our seats in line saved with our tables and chairs and all. I who worked the night before till 11pm then came home to finish the baked goodies didn't arrive until around 9:30am. All day we sat there but it was fun games and trivia and just all around fun.