Thursday, November 15, 2012


Me and Jacob!
In exactly two hours, I will hop in my car and drive two hours south. In exactly six hours, I will be standing in line...waiting...for the premier of BREAKING DAWN!

I have special feelings for this series. It reminded me of my love for reading and writing. It gave me the gusto to actually write a novel. And, when the first Twilight movie came out, I was living in Texas desperately missing my home state of Washington. I sat at home, watching the DVD over and over again, reminded of the evergreens and ferns and cloudy days. I even planted a fern, but it didn't last long in the Texas heat. :(

My little sister cavorting in the woods with Edward! 

After New Moon came out, my little sister joined the Twilight Bandwagon. We made a pact that no matter what state I lived in, I'd fly to Washington and we'd go to the midnight premier of Breaking Dawn part 2. Tonight, I will sit beside my little sister (and a few of her friends) and watch the last piece of Bella's story.

My life has changed since sitting in the theater, years ago, enjoying the first movie. 

I now live in Washington. I have ferns in my yard and they are thriving, by the way. I've written two books and am working on a third. Both of my books have been submitted to agents and editors, so I am on the road to publication. I get to go hiking in the Washington forests when I feel the need. I get to jog on trails that wind in and out of the woods. And today I don't have to get on a plane to fulfill my promise to my little sister. I just have to hop in the car. :)      

This is my parents' dog. In this version, Jacob bit Bella first.


  1. aaawww...this is so cute!! I love that you guys made a pact like that. :)

    I don't know how people do it though--in MY theater, if I try to do a midnight premiere of Twilight (which I did, once) it's full of so many squealing, texting, giggling, talking teenage girls that you can't even HEAR the movie. Are the people in my town just ruder than average? I think maybe they are...

    Anyway, have fun at the premiere!!! :)

    1. I don't know. I went to the Hunger Games premier and the kids got quiet when the movie came on. I loved their energy, though. Just more fodder for my YA novels, I guess. ;)

  2. Awesome pictures! Enjoy your night - I'm going tomorrow! :)

  3. Hope you enjoyed the movie with your sis! It's always great to share a fandom with a loved one like that, especially when that same fandom has been so inspirational, as Twilight has been for you!