Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Puppy Pictures!

Thanks for the congrats, guys! I've had my puppy Akita, Katana, for two days and already I'm in love and addicted. The first night she slept beside my bed in a crate. She did great. Me? Not so much. I tossed and turned, worrying why she was being so quiet. At 4:30 am my hubby woke up and saw me. He knew, too. After snickering, he encouraged me to check on her so I could get to sleep. I grabbed the flashlight and sure enough, she was breathing. I am officially the new momma of a furry baby. That's for sure!

Play Time

Potty Time

Nap Time


  1. She's such a beautiful puppy! Akitas grow into big gorgeous dogs too! I'd say I prefer big dogs to the small yappy ones. The closest my family came to a dog similar to an Akita was a Chow-Chow we had named Tricksy. She died young, though, from a puppy disease that was sweeping the neighborhood. She looked a lot like a bear and used to sleep on the porch with a chew-toy shaped like a pacifier. Akitas have that bear-like look too. I hope you have a lot of fun with your new girl and don't worry too much!

    1. Thanks! Chows are so adorable! How sad your fluffy baby died young. :( So sorry.

      She is my first big dog. My parents had big dogs when I was older, but I've never had my own.

  2. *flails* Your new puppy is so adorable! She looks especially cute napping so lazily like that. But I adore dogs, so it's no wonder I think that. :D

  3. She is ADORABLE. Aw. Love puppies!