Sunday, November 25, 2012

Getting A Puppy Today!!!!!!

Today, I'm getting a puppy!!!! And if you've read my "About Me" little area, you'll know I'm a dog hugger. I love them. To the umpteenth power. I've had a little Bichon named Squeakers for a while now. Before her, I had a little Bichon named Ozzie. I've had little dogs since I was eight.

I've wanted a larger dog to go running with. To protect me while walking the woods, or nature trails on my own. But, with my hubby being a military man, we were moving every two years. And we were never guaranteed we'd live in an area that was large enough, or safe for a large breed dog. So we always said that when he got out, and we settled down and bought a house with a big back yard, we'd get a big dog. Well, that time has come. And I am giddy with excitement.

Want to see what she looks like? She's an Akita, which is a Japanese breed, so we are naming her Katana.

 As the proud mommy of a new puppy, I will no doubt be posting pictures to my blog on a constant basis. Just to let you know.


  1. Too adorable!

    Love the name. I've a Boston Terrier, Patches, and she is more precious than anything. She is an angel, truly!

    Post all the pictures you want! Yesterday, I watched Too Cute on the Animal Planet network and could not stop! I'm hooked!

  2. Adorable! Congrats! You're a puppy-mama. :)